Ankle injury is quite a common with sports persons and runners .

The risk of Ankle injury increases with


Type of Sport


Foot wear

The most common form of Ankle injury is where the Ankle twists – this twist can be inward or outwards, of which twisting inward is more common.

Any twist in the ankle causes ligament / tendon / bone injury, the severity of the injury depends on the impact of the twist.

Post an ankle injury the first aid is RICE – Rest , ICE, Compression, Elevation

Anti inflammatories can be taken to keep the swelling down

Once the inflammation is reduced a complete rehab is necessary to avoid re-injury and to get back to sport / normal activity.

The above mentioned regime does not fit to an ankle which has had a fracture – in which case it needs an xray and possible casting / surgery depending on the opinion of the Orthopaedician.