Benefits of EMR to Medical Colleges

Benefits of EMR to Medical Colleges

EMR Software are integrated into the various medical facilities worldwide. In this system, the Health Records are maintained on a network and are called upon for a full patient history. This system has faster and efficient coordination, accessibility and helps in improving the quality of care, improves patient satisfaction, and decreased long-term care of each patient and overall paper records.

Popularly known as the Electronic Health Record or the EHR, it is changing the way health care institutions save patient data. If each medical college integrates EMR Software, students would be guided through the entire process of maintaining, assessing and implementing the EHR Software. Once the student completes the course, he would be well-versed in this technology, procedure, and terminology, thus helping them maintain an adequate health record in future.

EMR Software inculcate a variety of records like the medical history, drug reactions, medication, demographics, drug reactions, immunization status, laboratory test results, vital signs, radiology images, statistics like age, weight and also the billing information. Having a vast database on fingertips can amend the face of healthcare.

If students are well-versed and trained in the software today, tomorrow’s doctors would already be ready in utilizing this wonder software and thus, optimize efficiency and reduce the health care cost to a considerable extent.

Benefits of EMR to Medical Colleges:

  • The software is pre-constituted and thus, can be used consistently in the syllabus and the lab classes.
  • The education system can create an unlimited number of user accounts as a part of their curriculum.
  • It is also a valuable edification tool and a very advantageous option for the medical colleges to improve doctor efficiency.
  • There can be a quick exchange of information between the students and teachers of different medical colleges through this software. The social framework of the software enables movement of information seamlessly and electronically.
  • Electronic Medical Records also comprise access to Personal Health Records.
  • If the medical students are placed in a rural hospital, then the medical teachers can still teach the benefits and use of this software with the help of internet.
  • The software is easily available on smartphones and tablets making it highly accessible from anywhere and at any time.

With the advent of technology and in this epoch of internet moving from the traditional form of health care to a more advanced and easier option is mandatory. EMR Software system also helps medical institutions and doctors spend more time with the patient and not involve themselves in administration and paperwork. Once the patient is registered on the software, the information is easily available across various platforms and departments. Medical institutions must understand that EMR software is the future of healthcare. They are going to replace the paper files. Awareness of the same has to be created to make students better doctors.

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