Find the Right Gynaecologist

Find the Right Gynaecologist

Women often faces conditions with their body that they are shy to share with even people who are close to her. One person who can understand and test such weird condition is a gynaecologist. Gynaecologists serve as a saving grace for women, who with the increasing lifestyle changes and food habits have body related problems. These physicians play an imperative role in the life of a woman.

Who Is a Gynaecologist?

A Gynaecologist is a medical doctor or surgeon who specializes in female genital tract and women’s overall health condition. All the disorders related to fallopian tubes, vagina, ovaries, cervix, and womb are examined and treated by a Gynaecologist. The gynaecologist who is certified to deliver babies is called an obstetrician. They are also the wonder surgeons whom a woman will need while giving birth. You will have to visit the gynaecologist only when your pregnant is a myth; it is important to understand that gynaecology related problems are not restricted only to pregnancy.

When Should You Visit a Gynaecologist?

  • Your periods are irregular
  • Your periods are recurrent within a period of 21 days
  • You notice bleeding in between your periods
  • If your periods last more than seven days
  • If you have heavy periods
  • If you miss a period
  • If you have pregnancy symptoms
  • Itching in the vagina
  • Blood in the urine
  • Pain or burning sensation while urinating

How to Find the Right Gynaecologist?

  • First and foremost, he/she should be someone with whom a woman feels comfortable with.
  • The gynaecologist should have a good reputation as they are doctors who will know the most intimate and personal facets of a female’s life.
  • Ideally, look for a Gynaecologist, who is also an Obstetrician if you are planning a baby.
  • Consult your friends and relatives or find reviews online. Many online applications and site like hCue offer a list of best gynaecologists in Chennai and your area. It is important that the doctor lives close to your house if you are planning a pregnancy.
  • Only friendly, caring and responsive gynaecologist make their patient comfortable. They should be willing to answer all your queries accurately and precisely. So developing a comfort factor with your gynaecologist is very crucial. An upright Gynaecologist will place your happiness and health before anything else.
  • Well, it is imperative that the doctor is available when you need them. They must be willing to attend emergency calls and should be responsive concerning getting back to you in case they are busy.
  • If you are uncomfortable meeting a male gynaecologist always look for a female physician. A male gynaecologist might make you feel a little uncomfortable unless they have a female assistant.
  • Remember Gynaecologist would be the part of your life in the most important phases and so choosing the right one is critical.
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