Medical Software and its features

Medical Software and its features

What Is A Medical Software?

One of the most significant development in medicine is the introduction and role of medical software. It has become one of the most integral parts and more recently because of the medical applications on smartphones. The software streamlines the day to day tasks of managing the medical facility. It gives doctors access to various medical records, including features like patient billing information, appointments, insurance claims, office reports, and much more.

The benefits to medical professionals like hospital workers, independent practitioners, speciality medical providers, emergency room doctors, benefit from this software. This software can manage the back office and administrative functions at the hospital or medical facility.

Features of Medical Software:

The definitive goal of this software is to reduce the time doctors spend on paperwork. They can then concentrate and spend more time with each patient as each visit and prescription is readily available when required. Features of Medical Software includes :

  • Billing: It assists in preparing medical or patient bills, send electronic invoices, and also collect payments. Many medical software companies also include customer billing and the employee’s payroll in the system.
  • Appointments: One of the most useful and unique features is the ability to book appointments online. The Healthcare software enables patients to see all the information available about a doctor and based on the preference book and appointment and save time. Not only does the software organise these appointments based on doctor’s schedule but also monitor’s the appointment history and sends reminders to the physicians and follow-up notice to the patients.
  • Patient Registration: Each patient would typically fill up a form and a questionnaire with all the demographic information about themselves which includes the address, insurance and contact info. It enters and stores information in the system.
  • Document Management and Reporting: Medical facilities have the highest amount of paper documentation. Medical software from Medical software companies helps in organising the data and managing all the paperwork. It enables the doctors to scan patient prescriptions, look at the bill payments and all the other documents in the system. Most medical software also allows pulling out ample reports to track the office activities.
  • Claims Management: Before the data is submitted to the insurance companies; they can use the medical software to edit data so that it meets the national insurance claim standards. The software also enables them to submit the claims online, check the status of the same and track overdue cases.
  • Inventory Management: Some Medical Software Companies offer a provision to stock and distribute inventory with the help of the software.

Other Features:

  • Refer Other Doctors
  • Multi-Physician Facility
  • Mobile access
  • Prescription management
  • Payer analysis

Gone are the days when going to a Hospital meant appointment, date scheduling, waiting for endless hours and carrying endless reports. With medical software, all this becomes comfortable and convenient. Patients can now book appointments from the comfort of their home and doctors can view their schedule on their smartphone. The patient files and reports are available, and so there is a reduction in paperwork. All this and much more from this wonder software.

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