Seniors doing squats during classes with physiotherapist

Exercise and physical activity are as important as breathing.  From boosting your mood to improving the overall health, exercise can do wonders to your life.  If you want to feel energized, regardless of all the stress in your life during the day, make exercise a routine. Squats the exercise every trainer suggests when you go for a workout.  If you are not used to doing them, you might find it difficult the first few times. Once you master this art, there is nothing that can stop you. You can do this anywhere; it tones the legs and back apart from offering benefits to other parts of the body.

Here are ten reasons why you should be doing squats:

  1. It improves blood circulation in the body. The muscle stretching gets the blood pumping into the body and thus improves overall health. Good circulation in the body means more nutrients and oxygen to the vital parts of the body.
  2. This exercise is good for digestion and helps in removing the waste from the body. It eases the passing of waste through the bowels and helps in keeping bowel movement regular too.
  3. They are non-impact and thus do not put a strain on the back. It also means that it does not strain the back and ankles.
  4. This exercise does not require any equipment and thus can be done anywhere and anytime
  5. One of the benefits of squats is it improves the body posture. Which means it offers better balance to the body.
  6. They burn fat and help in losing weight. It also improves flexibility and keeps the knees healthy and supple.
  7. Squats are excellent for toning the legs. Unlike other gym equipment, it does not concentrate on specific muscles of legs. It is a complete workout and helps in strengthening the entire body.
  8. Squats also make the butts rounder; it helps in firming the buttocks in no time without placing a strain on the back.
  9. Squats also stimulate muscle building hormones in the body.
  10. In case you are working on building a body, exercises like squats should be a staple.

The list of benefits is actually endless. These are only a few of them, start including this wonder exercise in the workout regime and notice the change. We are sure you are going to love what you see.

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