Educational toys

Educational toys for children

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, isn’t it ? Children these days are morbidly addicted to gadgets these days thanks to the advancing technology . In the days gone by parks and playgrounds were filled with children playing outdoor games and sports, but after the breakthrough of gadgets and smartphones , children have been trapped in the cobwebs of tech and making them vulnerable to all sorts of harm .

So isn’t there nothing we could do about this ? Fear not , there is still hope by giving children these toys which will keep them engaged and also it would unclog their minds from the nasty smartphones and gadgets .

1 Mechanix : an intriguing game for children who like to build ,make and break things apart , it helps the child’s hand-eye coordination to increase and also paves the way for logical and creative thinking.

2 Rubix cube : a very unique and interesting game where children are on a quest to recreate the original color scheme of the cube ,it helps children to improve their concentration and dedication levels while having fun solving the cube , apart from the original 3×3 cube , there are challenging cubes which are of the dimension 4×4 and 5×5 which requires much more skill compared to the conventional 3×3 cube .

3 Lego : building blocks or Lego have been around since long and it’s a trademark toy of children’s toy box . Lego blocks comes in various shapes , sizes and colors through which children can bring out their ‘creative best’ by building astonishing figurines which helps them boost their logical thinking and also up-scaling their critical thinking quotient .

4 Play-do : Play-do or quite often called as molding clay is very fun to play with and children can create amazing sculptures with it as it is very easy to sculpt due to its semi soluble composition. Children can express and showcase their artistic skills with the help of it.

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