Reduce Belly Fat

Reduce Belly Fat

The 6 and 8 pac and had become a latest trend in entertainment and bodybuilding industries and most of the youth is hitting the gym, doing calisthenics, cross fit training and following the diet regimen to get rid of the love handles and get that chiselled abdomen and torso so here are the top exercises to get rid of the flabs

Sprinting – There are many great abdominal exercises based on resistance training but most of them overlook sprinting as it gives the perfect tone, fitness, explosivity, speed and the physique. This exercise help in burning of the fat and ups the metabolism. It not only has an impact on the abs but for the lower regions of the body like gluteus, thigh muscle, calf muscles. When we observe a sprinter the have flat belly with abs popping out but they do not concentrate on the abs at all and yet they have a strong core.

Planks – It is one of the only exercise that works on the entire. It works on both front and back side of the abdominal region without any equipment. It effective on rectus abdominis, obliques and lower back. It is simple and effective where a person can do it anywhere.

Crunches – This is the only exercise which particularly concentrates on the abs but there are again other types of crunches like gorilla crunches which develop the lower abs

Deadlifts – this involves the lads and the abdominal muscles and then the leg muscles which is one of the most brutal and effective way to get rid of the hard love handles. Not following proper technique will lead to injury and would make things worse.

Pull ups and chin ups – They may not involve the abs directly but it is a body weight training which can get rid of flabs in long term by losing the fat which hinders to do this particular exercise. Following a strict nutritious diet and dedicated body weight training anyone can get rid of the love handles and can get a flat stomach.

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