Health Benefits of Banana

Health Benefits of Banana

You will never look at bananas the same way after reading this post. This wonder fruits can combat depression, cure hangovers, relieve morning sickness, protect the kidney against cancer, helps in bowel movement, diabetes and blindness. They can also cure the itch caused by mosquito bite and but a high shine on your shoes- Surprised????

Reasons to Eat Bananas:

They help in overcoming depression, due to the high level of tryptophan which is usually converted to serotonin which is also a mood brain neurotransmitter.

  • Eat a banana before a strenuous workout to sustain blood sugar and pack an energy punch.
  • Protect yourself against muscle cramps during the exercise and leg cramps at night, eat a banana.
  • Stabilize the calcium loss during urination and build strong bones- eat a banana
  • Improve your mood instantly and reduce the PMS symptoms by eating a banana. It regulated blood sugar and relaxes the body.
  • Relieve anemia and strengthen the blood, Bananas are rich in Iron.
  • As they are high in potassium and low in salt, they are recognized to be able to lower blood pressure and protect self against heart attack and stroke.
  • Eating bananas can also prevent kidney cancer and protect the eyes against macular degeneration. It also helps in building stronger bones by increasing calcium absorption.
  • Control the blood sugar and avoid binging between meals by eating one banana.
  • Rub, the skin on a bug-bite, to relieve the itching instantly.
  • Remove a wart by placing the inside of the banana peel on the wart and taping it there.
  • Reb the banana peel on the leather shoes or a handbag and clean it with a dry cloth for a quick shine.
  • Eating a banana with meals also stabilizes the blood sugar and reduces nausea.
  • Bananas are also high in antioxidants and provide protection from inveterate diseases.

Bananas also make for some healthy smoothie recipes:

Banana milkshake is Banana blended with milk. Bananas are said to have negligible fat content whereas milk helps in reducing the belly fat. It also protects the body against adding unnecessary sugar in the blood stream.


  • 1 Banana
  • 1 cup skim milk/ ½ cup of plain yogurt
  • 3-4 ice cubes
  • 1tsp cinnamon powder

Method: Blend all the four ingredients until smooth. You can also add 8-10 soaked almonds to the smoothie.

We are sure we have changed your views on Bananas and why it is not a fattening fruit. If you work out regularly and have an active lifestyle, this wonder fruit will only enhance your workouts. The benefits are immense and the taste, something that all of us love. Include this in your diet and notice the change.

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