Remedies for bad breath

Remedies for bad breath

Having a bad breath can be a big put off as it’s a sign of an individual’s hygiene factor. People might feel quite uncomfortable to converse with a person who’s having a bad breath causing a communicational barrier in the workplace which can hinder important proceedings. So what can you do to avoid bad breath? Follow these simple steps to feel fresh again

Chew a mint based gum : this is a quite conventional and quick technique , as it refreshes your breath in no time , and to give it an long lasting effect , drink cold water immediately so that it persists for a longer period of time this serves as a remedies for bad breath.

Teeth Decay : Some times bad breath are caused by decaying of tooth to over come this issue meet best dentist in chennai and try to remove the decaying tooth or do root canal treatment to avoid bad breath.

Avoid eating onions and garlic : though onions and garlic have immense nutritious properties, they have their own set of disadvantages which is bad breath. Excessive consumption of onions can make your mouth smell and which is not an appealing thing. If you ever face such a situation, make sure that you rinse your mouth multiple times so that the foul fragrance disappears.

Mouthwash regularly : rinse your mouth on a regular basis throughout the day as it will kill harmful bacteria in your mouth and also gives a refreshing feeling by cleansing and removing bad odours. Some famous mouthwashes on the rise are listerine and Colgate plax which do the job pretty well and control bad breath.

Avoid smoking : smokers smell horrible after they complete smoking a cigarette. Chain smokers and regular smokers have a hard time with bad breath as they inhale tobacco which isn’t a pleasing substance and can also lead to deadly cardio and pulmonary diseases if it’s not under control.

Hydrate your mouth in regular intervals : the human mouth is often moist due to saliva and sometimes if the salvia secretion is not up to the standard secretion rate, the mouth dries up and it leads to bad breath, so it’s important to keep yourself hydrated to control bad breath. Fluids such as water and juices should be consumed in higher proportions especially on the onset of summer.

Brush twice a day : Indians often brush once in a day, but this trend should be altered for the betterment of one’s oral health and hygiene. Brushing twice a day not only gives relief from bad breath but also kills harmful bacteria which usually multiply and cause harm during night this serves as remedies for bad breath.

Floss : sometimes just brushing doesn’t do the trick , food particles and plaque is often stuck in between of teeth and is a factor behind bad breath , so flossing after supper can help you get rid of control bad breath as well as plaque.

Gargling with salt water : salt water gargling helps in eliminating harmful bacteria in the throat and also help in soothing sore throats. Salt has also been proven to tackle bacteria and germs which eventually cause bad breath.

Chewing mint leaves : chewing fresh mint leaves can instantaneously get rid of foul smell as well as give you a small dosage of nutritional benefit as mint leaves consist antioxidants which flushes out impurities from your mouth and control bad breath. Mint is also a good source of vitamin A & potassium as well.

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