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Is Indian Snacks Healthy

We Indians love chaat! Because it’s tasty, inexpensive, and moreover filling, but is it Healthy?. The determination factor for a chaat can be deciphered only when the way of preparation is exposed as there are various methods to make it.

Let’s begin with the most renowned chaat and the most desi-junk food i.e. “Pani Puri

Pani Puri also known as Golgappas which are hollow deep fried shells of flour filled with potato, onion, boiled chickpeas accompanied with tangy water.
Usually the water is prepared with a mixture consisting of coriander powder, cumin powder, green chilli paste and black salt. They help in digestion and also give a sour and spicy aftertaste which makes people go bezerk over pani puri.

Despite the yummy taste for a few bucks, it also paves the way for diseases and illness such as typhoid and stomach upset or viral fever when it is consumed on streets.
Street vendors don’t usually practice hygienically manner in preparation of golgappas as they use spoilt onions for condiments and prepare the masala water with untreated / tap water which is the root cause for diseases. The surroundings and the atmosphere near the stall isn’t appealing all the times as flies and mosquitos are seen wandering near the ingredients which increases the chance to fall sick. So it is advised to prepare golgappas at home rather than eating outside and falling terminally ill.

Now , let’s move on to the next item on the list which is “ Alu chaat

Alu Chaat is a dish where potatoes are deep fried until golden brown and topped with sauces and chutney’s which are usually made out of tamarind, green and red chilli which is  ultimately garnished with a dash of yoghurt and spices . Mouth-watering already? But beware of the other side of this delicious snack .Consuming deep frying potatoes causes a heavy intake of cholesterol and fats and consuming this snack in a regular manner can cause constipation and acidity because of the highly spicy sauces which are spread over it. It’s is advisable to instead bake the potatoes rather than deep frying them.

Isn’t there anything healthy out of the basket then? Bhel Puri comes to the rescue!

Bhel Puri is a famous member from the chaat family. It is prepared by mixing up puffed rice with boiled potatoes, fresh tomatoes, onions, topped with coriander and tamarind chutney and sprinkled with cumin powder and lemon droplets. This is the healthiest snacks out of the lot as it doesn’t consist the “oil factor “which is dreaded and the root cause for unhealthy snacks. It can arguably be called India’s snack time salad where all the boxes are checked right from health to taste.

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