Importance of Dental care

Importance of Dental care

Regular dental visits are important as they help you keep your gums and teeth healthy. All of us should have a regular dental visit every six months. Typically, a dental visit consists of check-up and cleaning.


The dental professional first checks for cavities to see if there is tartar or plaque on the teeth. Plaque is an unblemished, and sticky layer of bacteria which if not removed can harden and turn into tartar. It cannot be removed by just brushing or flossing; it can cause oral diseases. In the next process, the gums are checked to measure the spaces between the teeth and the gums. If the gums are healthy the areas are shallow; it is only when people have some gum diseases that the spaces become deeper. The check-up would also include checking the throat, face, head, and neck to look for any signs of trouble including cancer.

In Short the clinical dental examination includes:

  • Examination of the gums
  • Looking for any signs of gum disease
  • Check for any loose teeth
  • Examination of the tongue
  • Checking for a broken tooth, if any
  • Check the damaged fillings
  • Looking at any changes in the gums covering the teeth
  • Taking any x-rays if required
  • Looking for visual evidence if there is a tooth decay

Cleaning the Teeth:

Flossing and brushing help the plaque in the teeth, but tartar cannot be removed at home. Dental professionals have special tools to remove the tartar, and this process is called scaling. Once the teeth are scaled, they might be polished. After this process, any surface stains on the teeth disappear thus making the teeth whiter and cleaner.

  • Checking the cleanliness of the teeth
  • Removing any plaque and tartar
  • Polishing the teeth
  • Flossing between the teeth

Care at Home:

Between the regular dental visits, it is important to take care of the teeth at home. As plaque forms on the teeth on a regular basis, it is important to floss and brush the teeth on a regular basis.

  • Brush the teeth at least twice a day. Make sure you use toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  • Floss once a day
  • Use a mouth rinse like Listerine to get rid of plaque bacteria. It also helps in freshening up the breath.

Facts about dental visits:

  • They help keep the gums and teeth healthy.
  • Dental procedures are expensive, save yourself from the hefty process bills, go for your regular check-ups.
  • A half-yearly dental check-up is enough to remove plaque and tartar build up and to polish the teeth.

Once the examination is performed, they tell you about the health of your teeth and gums. Remember only regular dental check-ups can keep the teeth and gums healthy. In between the examinations it is essential to follow the home care suggestions that the dentist professional suggests. If in case, there is any problem you can visit your dentist in Chennai more often.

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