ideal body weight

ideal body weight

The weight of a healthy individual that is mainly based the height but is also modified by factors such as   gender, age, build, and degree of muscular development. It can be calculated by BMI {Body mass index} and was first developed by a Belgian mathematician Adolphe quelete. It is the ratio of the mass in pounds or kilograms with height in square inches or meters respectively. The BMI is categorized as follows 18.5–24.9 = Healthy weight, 25.0–29.9 = Overweight, 30.0–40= obesity.

But according to scientists the BMI cannot be taken into consideration i.e. a person when seen in perceptions of the chart can be overweight but can be healthy as a horse and can vary from a men, women and children due to their growth development and genetics and other external environmental factor. The healthy body weight can also be calculated by other factor Body fat.

Percent of body fat

There are three common ways to calculate the body fat. Hydro densitometry (underwater weighing), DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) and anthropometry.

Hydro densitometry is a technique for measuring the mass per unit volume of a living person’s body. It is a direct application of Archimedes’ principle, that an object displaces its own volume of water.

DEXA is used mainly used for the calculation of the bone density but athletes also use it for the muscle composition and the fat density. It is a process where the body is exposed to low radiation and depending on the absorption of different components the overall body fat can be estimated. It is the most accurate and less tedious method.

Anthropometry : It is the calculation of the physical traits of a person where the reach of a person is determined by his height and the arm’s length and for weight by the skin fold method by grasping the skin and underlining tissue excluding the muscle and the fat percentage can be calculated. This is the conventional and inexpensive method

Taking consideration of the above point’s one must maintain a proper body weight and strict nutritious diet so that the person will be immune to most of the common vulnerable diseases like heat attack diabetes and obesity which paves the way for other fatal diseases. There are various Healthcare Software in market which helps you to keep track of and maintain your ideal body weight resulting in better health.

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