Causes of obesity

Causes of obesity

Around 10 Million people in India alone suffer from obesity. Obesity is a disorder involving excessive body fat and in such a state it leads to severe health complications. It is one of the biggest health problems faced by people in the world. There are many causes of obesity, for example, Genetics, consumption of engineered Hyper palatable Junk Foods, Food addiction , certain medications, Consumption of sugar.etc, apart from the above, there are a lot of factors that are making people fat. What we eat and how consciously we consume food also matters, according to a report for every ten percent percent rise in what amount a country spends on information and communications technology, there’s a one percent increase in obesity rates.

Technology not only keeps the people attached to their chairs and comfortable couches but also changes the way we consume food as well, which adds more pounds than lack of exercise alone would. People are not only becoming obese but are also gaining laziness. They are spending more time in front of the television rather than getting their daily dose of exercise. A research shows that staring at a computer screen makes us crave for an appetite of sweet treats like chocolate cakes, Biscuits. It is a thought and belief that the mental stress gained through computer work triggers changes in the blood sugar levels and catalyses the flow of hormone levels that trick the brain into the thought that it has worked out for lots of calories and sends a signal that there is a need to be replaced. Watching television and addiction to computer games has the same effect. Another fact is that high stressed jobs can lead to stress eating and eating disorders which means for reaching out for whatever is easiest.

Technology was invented in order to make our life more easy and to end monotony but the same technology has got us trapped and most of the children have gained considerable amount of weights by sitting down in their cozy couches and by sticking their eyeballs to the television sets, video games without any physical exercise which doesn’t let their baby fat burn down and this would lead to further complications in the future like Diabetes, Arthritis, Eating disorders.etc. A positive change in the lifestyles would repel us from the vulnerability of getting attracted to various diseases and eventually help us stay healthy.


Although all these causes cannot be avoided instantly people have to renovate their standards of living and keep there body healthy. In the current busy world we cannot keep track of all our health records and face it difficult to find our specialized doctors now many healthcare software companies came forward and helped their users to book doctor appointment online thus by reducing the gap to lead a healthy life.

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