Pregnancy Glow

Pregnancy Glow

Have you been receiving compliments that your skin is glowing? Did you tell them you are pregnant? Do you wonder if these compliments are for real? If these are the questions that remain unanswered, please read the post below. Pregnancy glow is something that all women look forward to while they are pregnant. While most of the women feel it is a myth, the fact is it is for real. The glow is a result of rushing hormones in the body during pregnancy.

Are you repeatedly told that you are glowing? Then consider yourself blessed and enjoy this glow till it lasts. In the meanwhile, we also tell you the reasons behind the glow.

  1. The increase in Blood Flow: One of the factors contributing to the pregnancy glow the volume of blood flow in a woman increases to a whopping 50%. The increase in the blood flow is to support the growing uterus.
  2. Physiological Factors: The glow might also be due to the many Physiological factors that occur in the body. It is due to the incursion of hormones that make the glands produce more oil, which in turn makes the skin shinier.
  3. The skin also retains most of the moisture during pregnancy, which leads to the water logging in the body and the swelling. The excess water also helps in smoothing out the wrinkles and the fine lines. As a result of which there is a pinkish glow in the skin.

Would you like to Maintain that glow throughout?

Who will not want that glow to remain? We give you some tips that take you along the way.

  1. Do not use soaps with high PH levels. They can leave the skin vulnerable and also prone to environmental damage.
  2. If you are someone who is prone to hyperpigmentation, it is best to avoid soy. If you like them a lot, reduce the intake to smaller proportion.
  3. Avoid using Retin- A and high doses of Vitamin A.
  4. Wear the right clothes, spend time at the spa as you have every excuse to get pampered.
  5. Yoga and meditation help a lot to maintain that glow. Join the pregnant woman yoga class to keep that skin healthy.

Yoga Poses During Pregnancy

You might think Yoga can be rather challenging, don’t worry we give you pregnancy friendly yoga poses to help strengthen the body for delivery.

  1. Meditation
  2. Neck Exercises
  3. Gentle Butterfly
  4. Suk asana
  5. Shavasana
  6. Mountain Pose
  7. Chair Yoga
  8. Cat Pose
  9. Yogic breathing
  10. Brahmari Pranayama

Pregnancy changes the life for good; it is something every woman looks forward to. Make the most of this time and just enjoy the entire period. Remember your baby feels everything you do, make it worth for the baby.

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