Avoid weight gain at Office

Avoid weight gain at Office

The modern day workforce is expected to adhere to desk jobs which demand a robot’s job. Most of the people at work struggle with weight gain issues as they lack minimum exercise due to their workplace setup. Due to the high levels of stress and the sitting desk arrangement at workplaces, weight gain has become a common complaint.

CareerBuilder had released a study which showed that 41% of the people who have full time desk jobs have significantly gained weight during their work. The survey has a sample of various professionals who work full-time on their desks. Sedentary jobs at desks contribute to increased stress levels which result in increased consumption of food. This phenomenon is term stress-eating which is the reason behind weight gain among working people.

It is time to look out for a solution as there are hardly any jobs that demand dynamic movements to the people who actually are required to perform a desk duties. To find such a workplace is almost not possible so why don’t we find a alternative ourselves. It is very simple! Avoid complaining and find a way to keep yourself dynamic. Some of the small things that can be chosen over the obvious choices can make a huge difference.

Two simple measures that we can take to avoid weight gain are:

  • Avoid using the elevator instead take the staircase
  • Walk out your cabin instead of using the intercom to talk to a colleague

One major gift that nature has given us is water. Water, with its many advantages, is a powerful tool that is used to maintain good health. Following are the benefits that water offers people who work at their desks full-time.

  • It helps keep the body fresh and hydrated
  • It eradicates toxins from the body
  • It supplies oxygen to the blood
  • It flushes out stress causing agents
  • It helps in proper digestion and controls food consumption
  • It relieves fatigue and helps perform a better job
  • It stands as a barrier against migraines and headaches

Worried that you’re stick with a desk job? Worry doesn’t help but the measure you take will help you stay away from all the possible ailments that you can suffer from anything.

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