Chaos in Pharmacy Management

The chaos faced in management of pharmacy has now been significantly reduced with the help of medical store software that is giving new dimensions to the pharmacists to skyrocket pharmacy business. Many pharmacists and pharmacy stores have lessened their burden through these software. Billing, retail billing, stock management, inventory management work loads are made easy for the medical store owners.


e-Prescriptions which is quite an advancement in the software industry can make pharmacist and the patients get rid of their chunks of paper prescription.The offline feature  ensuring business continuity even when there is disruption  in internet services. Be rest assured, with hCue’s medical shop software you will be investing in reliable technology and people to run your business successfully.

A Central Control

A central Control over the data is an added advantage ,so that details can be stored and controlled efficiently.Also the software which works on multiple platform are guaranteed for more deeds than the software that runs over a single platform.Reducing the overhead cost is also applicable by means of using cloud based storage and most of the medical shop software holder will prefer as it would save both time and the expense.

The support team of the software must be in constant touch with the store holders and customers directly if necessary may even contact the support team to clarify any information regarding the software. hCue dedicated and highly trained support team through their comprehensive range of customer support services ensure quick response & quicker solutions for all your requirements.

Medical Store Management is the  important  unit that maintains entire Drug information, Dosage Details, Etc. catering to the prescription and distributing functions of Pharmacy. The module effectively manages working of Drug and Non Drug Stocks.

hCue Pharmacy Software

hCue has GST ready medical store software which uses cloud storage and can be accessed even when the internet goes offline also the software has multi-platform ability including iOS, android,windows and others. A central Dashboard which gives you access to information like stock,sales,purchase.

Please visit hCue’s Medical Store Software to understand the wide range of benefits the software offers to pharmacy shop owners

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