#1 Cloud based Feature-Rich Dental Software

Dental Clinic Management Software to transform your clinic to the next level.

Dental charting consultation module

  • The Universal Dental Chart allows Dentist to specify the status of each tooth.
  • Conditions can be planned for each tooth, numbered as per pediatric/adult requirements.

Multi-Location Management

  • Do you have Dental Clinics in multiple locations & not sure how to manage them effectively?
  • One account, one dashboard is all you need to manage all your Dental Clinics efficiently.
hCue Dental Practice ManagementMulti-Location Management

Analytics Dashboard & Reports

  • Streamline your workflow and boost productivity through insightful analytics.
  • hCue's Dental Clinic Management Software offers Intelligent Dashboard with extensive activity reports.
  • Total Revenue, Outstanding, Patient Appointments, Patient visits, Treatments and much more.
Analytics Dashboard with hCue's Dental Clinic Management Software

Advanced Patient Management

  • hCue Dental Software offers a cloud based platform to manage all your patient's EMR/EHR.
  • View case history, lab tests, patient visits, payment details and track patients dental health progress.
hCue's Dental Software - Patient Management

Integrations & Customisations

  • IoT integration that allows your dental imaging to sync with hCue Dental Software seamlessly.
  • Tally integration for smart accounting.
  • Out of box integrations & meaningful customizations to help your business grow.
hCue's Dental Practice Management - Reports

Unified treatments & pricing

  • Central administrative controls to change rates for consultations, treatments, procedures and more.
  • New treatments can be added along with costs and kept active or deactivated in line with ongoing offers.
Unified treatments & pricing with hCue's Dental Software

Centralized Patient Repository

  • One single place to access all Patients, information, records, treatments, vitals, conditions etc.
  • Dental Software that enables Dentist and authorized roles to view information anywhere & anytime forever.
Centralized Patient Repository with hCue's Dental Practice Management

Appointment Management at it's Best.

  • Booking appointments for Patients is available 24x7 through Web & Mobile.
  • Appointments can be booked daily/weekly/monthly with scheduled follow-up visits.
  • Notifications are sent to Patients via Email, SMS and/or in-app notifications.
Centralized Appointments & Scheduling with hCue's Dental Practice Management

Central management for dental supplies

  • Ability for the Dentist to perform direct orders for Dental Supplies against Patient requirements.
  • hCue's Dental Practice Management Software offers advanced Dental Supply Management.
Central management for dental supplies- Dental Software

Remotely accessible MIS reports

  • All administrative, clinical, financial reports & analytics are available over the cloud.
  • Information can be analysed under several parameters like Branch, Physician, Treatment and others.
  • Advanced Dental Software analytics around Patient types, Cash received, Treatments, and much more.
Hcue Dental Practice Management software Remotely accessible MIS reports

A few more reasons for you to choose hCue's Dental Clinic Management Software

Value for money

Value for money

Intuitive Design

Intuitive Design

Out of Box Customizations with hCue's Dental Clinic Management Software

Out of Box Customizations

Cloud Enabled

Seamless Data Migration with hCue's Dental Software

Seamless Data Migration

Payment Integration

Payment Integration

Industry 1st Clinical Offline

Best in class Data Security Dental Software

Best in class Data Security

Our Award Winning Healthcare SAAS & Customer Service

Best Clinic Management System 2016

Best Clinic Management System for Doctors 2016

Best App of 2016

Best Healthcare App of the year 2016

Best Pharmacy POS 2016

Great User Experience for Pharmacy Software 2017

About hCue’s Dental Software

hCue’s Dental Software is highly scalable, you can add new branches and activate or deactivate them in a single click. hCue’s dental practice management software allows you to focus on expanding your business rather than spend time on managing it.
hCue’s dental clinic management software allows central administrative control for change of rates for Doctor Consultation Treatment & Procedures.
Patient information is stored on hCue’s cloud based dental software and can be accessed from anywhere. hCue‘s Cloud based dental practice management software ensures your data is never lost as we use industry best data security standards.
Using hCue’s dental clinic software you can book an appointment in multiple ways- Kiosk, Mobile and web. All your appointments can be accessed from anywhere.
hCue’s dental software allows Doctors to specify the status of each tooth. Conditions can be recorded for each tooth with respective treatments. Primary & secondary tooth charts are available for adults & children with different views and functionalities.
There is an option for the dental practice management consultants to make direct orders for Dental Supplies against the need of the patient .Items received and used can be easily tracked.
Using hCue’s dental practice management software, all the administrative, clinical and financial reports can be accessed from anywhere with a simple login id.
hCue’s dental clinic management software enables to view cash received information respective to clinic, no. of treatments done, no. of patients visited etc through intelligent customizable reports.
hCue’s intuitive dental clinic management software is the best dental clinic software that you can find with maximum value for your money.

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