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hCue is an integrated healthcare platform. Manage your
appointments, medication and lab tests directly from your phone.

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Find the best doctors around, in an instant

Search for all the best doctors in your city; from Dentists to Neurosurgeons. View photos of them and their clinics and read about their practice.

1500+ Doctors on board, across 7 cities

Breeze through clinic waiting queues

Book doctor appointment dates and time slots directly through the app and get reminders before the day. No more unnecessary waiting at the reception.

Upto 75% reduced wait times

Get your prescriptions and tests, seamlessly

Get connected to pharmacies and labs in your locality for easy access to your prescription drugs and seamless digital test results

24 hour pharmacy, 24 hour lab response time

Access all your medical records in a single click

All your medical records are stored online, on the Cloud, and are available to you anytime, anywhere, in an instant. No more piles of paperwork and files.

Unlimited medical record storage

Create profiles for your entire family, easily

Create and manage profiles of all your family members under the same account, and have all their medical records stored safely in the cloud, forever.

1,254 families signed up

Privacy Ensured

The information you provide with us is never shared with anyone except your doctors

Verified Professionals

All doctors, pharmacies and labs on our platform are verified by us, to ensure the best care for you.

Speedy Support

We are available at [email protected] for queries and guidance

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Book and Manage your Appointments & Health Records

Get immediate access to doctors, pharmacies and laboratories in your vicinity.